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Our third album! In digital format. Currently 7 songs (out of 10 planned)

Upon purchase, you will immediately be given access to a zip file containing all currently recorded songs. As every new song is produced over the course of the year, we will add it to a download site and notify you. You will have access to everything we create in 2018, including songs, lyric sheets and commentary, and a few other random gifts we'll be sprinkling in throughout the year.

We Have Adventures (2018, Digital)

  • 1 - Everybody Knows (Rowan & the Rose Theme Song)

    2 - Whiskey Brought Me Love

    3 - Goldmoon's Song

    4 - Lazy Knave

    5 - Arrow in the Knee
    6 - The Good Man
    7 - The Parting Glass

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